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5 Budget-Friendly Home Updates To Do When Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, you have an endless to-do list from contacting a realtor to making minor home updates. If you’re looking to make a few home updates that will increase your property value and provide you with a strong return on your investment, then keep reading.

How to Update Your Home Without Breaking the Bank


The kitchen isn’t just the heart of the home, but it’s one of the first areas you should look to update when selling your home as it can greatly increase your property value. Buyers today are looking for bright and updated kitchens that bring in a lot of natural light.

If you don’t have it in your budget to do a complete kitchen remodel, consider making a few minor updates that will help your kitchen feel brand new.

A fresh coat of paint on existing cabinets can be the quickest refresh in a kitchen. Add a double sink and stainless steel appliances to make your kitchen look more contemporary.

Refresh the grout on any kitchen tiles and bring in new lights that fit the aesthetic of your home. New lights can be an incredibly inexpensive fix when selling your home but can make a big impact in a room.



Similar to a kitchen, a bathroom is one of the main areas in your home that you should update before selling. Today home buyers are looking for updated kitchens and bathrooms but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot to keep it looking modern.

Consider replacing old mirrors above the vanity with a more contemporary style or one that best suits your home’s architectural aesthetic.

Purchase all new hardware for your bathroom (i.e., the faucet, handles, and showerhead). If your bathroom has a shower/tub combination, then purchasing a new and neutral patterned shower curtain can make a big difference in this small space.

Don’t forget to re-caulk your shower or tub area to prevent bacteria or mold from forming before you sell your home.



We know you have your own unique personal style and you may love that statement red wall, but you want home buyers to envision themselves in your home right as they walk through the door.

It’s best to repaint all interior rooms in a neutral color palette that can appeal to the masses and allow the details of the home to speak for themselves. Think of painting walls in whites, greys, beiges, or even a light blue to give your home new life.



This is a big one and can encompass many aspects, but should not be overlooked when selling your home. The outside of your home is the first impression a home buyer will have of your property, and as we know with first impressions - they matter.

Ensure your lawn is freshly mowed and trees or shrubs are properly trimmed for a neat and clean look. Add in a bit of color and interest with potted plants near the front door or flowers along the walkway.

Touch up paint on the exterior of your home if it hasn’t been done recently and consider a fresh coat of paint for your front door. Remove all clutter so the focus is on the beauty of your home and think about replacing old windows to give your home more curb appeal



Windows aren’t just functional, but they also add beauty to the front of your home and bring in natural light that makes your space feel more welcoming.

Replacing old windows shortly after purchasing a new home isn’t a cost most homeowners want to make. Combat a buyer’s fear by replacing tired windows that date your home or don’t do anything to help heating and cooling expenses.

Homeowners today are more environmentally conscious than ever before so look into investing in energy-efficient windows Some states actually require that a certain percentage of your windows are “green” on new builds or remodeled homes.

Energy-efficient windows can also be a great selling point for your home as it shows they were updated recently and homeowners know it will be much better for their heating and cooling bills. Be proactive!

Now that you’re ready to sell your home don’t forget to make these 5 budget-friendly home updates. If you’re looking to replace old windows or have questions about the benefits of investing in energy-efficient windows, contact the experts at SK Windows. Our window professionals have proudly been serving the Georgetown, TX and surrounding communities for over 45 years.

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