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How to Seal Out Door & Window Drafts in Fall and Winter

Every season homeowners have a list of repairs and maintenance to do that are weather specific. Sound familiar? Now that fall is upon us and winter is around the corner, you likely have new concerns when it comes to keeping your home in peak condition. With the drop in temperatures, it’s important to ensure your windows and exterior doors can handle this new season and the chilly days ahead.


If you’re experiencing a door or window draft, here are some easy ways you can seal out the cold air to keep you warm and happy:


Weather strips are an inexpensive way to seal doors and windows from cold air and come in three main options: compression, V-type, and foam.

So which option is right for your home? Compression weather strips are considered the most durable of the three for homes with seal-swinging doors and window sashes.

V-type weather strips work by fitting against the side of a door or window jam and forming an impenetrable seal.

Foam weather strips come in a variety of sizes with an adhesive backing to help seal out window drafts. Out of the three options, foam is considered the easiest to install but is not a long-term solution as they usually last one to three years.


Door sweeps are very inexpensive to purchase and can be found at any hardware store. By installing a new sweep along the bottom of any exterior door – think garage door, back door, or front door – you can help seal out drafts.

Much like weather strips, door sweeps come in a variety of options. A few of your choices include heavy-duty, drip-cap, and brush sweeps. If you’re wondering which one your home needs, contact your local door and window expert for their help to properly seal out drafts.

Otherwise, you could be looking at costly heating bills all season long.


Window film is exactly what it sounds like. A saran wrap looking film that can be placed on your doors and windows to add an extra layer and help with insulation during the colder months.

After installing the window film on your windows, make sure to heat it with a blow dryer to shrink and properly seal out any drafts. This inexpensive film is surprisingly effective.


Something as simple as re-caulking along your windows and doors can assist with sealing out door and window drafts. The only downside of this method is that it is best used on windows or doors you wouldn’t open until springtime.

You might not be opening windows often during the fall and winter, but it is something to keep in mind. When the weather warms up, you can easily peel off the temporary caulking.


For the most effective method of sealing out drafts, you should replace worn and rotted windows. It is very difficult to properly seal your windows if they ultimately need replacing. While this is a job for a pro, that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank.

Investing in new windows will not only increase your property value, but it can also help you save money on your heating and cooling expenses.

When replacing old windows, consider upgrading to double pane windows (also known as insulated glass units or IGUs). These windows are considerably better at insulating than single-pane windows since they have extra air pockets between each pane that help with heat transfer and reduce window conductivity.

Double-pane units also have the added benefits of lower noise pollution, so if you live off a busy road, this would be a great choice for your home.

With colder temperatures fast approaching, it’s important to ensure your home can withstand the new season. If you’re currently experiencing a window draft or concerned that your doors or windows aren’t sealed properly, reach out to the experts at SK Windows who have been serving the Georgetown, TX area for 45 years.

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