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Replace Old Windows to Increase Your Home’s Value and Reduce Energy Costs

In a competitive real estate market how do you set yourself apart from the hundreds, if not thousands, of home listings in the Austin, TX area? One such way is to replace your existing windows with new attractive and energy-efficient ones.

Aside from improved marketability and a higher selling price, replacement windows can also save you money while you still live in your home even if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon.

Whether you’re considering investing in window replacement to increase the resale value of your home or for your own enjoyment, there are many ways in which new windows can improve your home.

Let’s dive right in to discover the benefits of getting new windows.

Ways New Windows Can Save You Money

Energy-efficiency is the most obvious benefit as we all strive to save money in the long run. Since old windows tend to let hot air into your house during summer and let it escape during winter, energy efficient replacement windows can cut your heating and cooling bill considerably.

Windows facing the sun for long periods of time can lead to more expensive cooling bills in warmer months, so be sure to talk with your local window professional about how to best address this as you’re looking to replace windows and reduce your costs in the long run.

New windows also reduce energy costs by allowing more natural light in, eliminating the need to use electricity to light rooms during the day, especially in the summer. As you can see, the long-run savings add up. An investment now keeps more money in your pocket month after month for years to come.

Pro Tip:
If you’re looking for reasonably priced energy efficient windows that require minimal maintenance consider modern vinyl window frames.

When you install energy-efficient windows, you may be eligible for tax credits for energy-efficient upgrades to help offset the costs. If you replace your existing windows with storm windows you could also be eligible for a 10% - 15% credit on your homeowners’ insurance for wind protection upgrades.

Sounds good, right?

We have more good news for you.

Ways New Windows Boost Your Home’s Value

If there’s a possibility you may want to sell your home someday, here’s something to keep in mind: Most homebuyers today want an open floor plan and a light, bright home with lots of natural light. Have you ever noticed how homes with more natural light create a pleasant atmosphere? So not only do you get to enjoy the benefits now, but that natural light will greatly appeal to potential buyers.

In addition, the curb appeal of your home is dramatically improved when you replace older windows with new windows, giving an instant facelift to the exterior and interior. You can also choose windows that match your home’s architectural style especially for a period or historic home.

Pro Tip:
When upgrading your existing windows you can play with different colored window trim for a “pop” against a neutral-colored home, creating more visual appeal.

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